Fast Lane Freight

The only Freight Factoring Origination System that puts you in the fast lane and approves clients in seconds.

Get in the Fast Lane. Quick wins the deal.

Capture, Underwrite & Approve in Seconds.

Quick, Smart Digital Application

An MC or DOT # and a driver’s license is all they need to apply. Fast Lane does the rest! Their application is pre-filled and goes through automated approval in seconds. 

Reduce friction, improve the customer experience.


Automated Background Search

Capture their consent and run background searches automatically on all owners in seconds. Includes person search, criminal search, OFAC & United Nations AML, and bankruptcies, judgements, and liens. 

Don’t waste time searching multiple sources, it’s all included.

Company Status Verification

Find out if the company is active and verify legal name instantly. Verify key details and approve faster so they choose you over your competition. 

Speed up the process, quick wins the deal.


Auto Approval

Fast Lane takes all the information automatically gathered, runs it through our proprietary underwriting engine, scores it, and auto approves the deal or sends it to your underwriter for manual review.

Close quickly, Fast Lane does the work.

Instant Bank Account Verification

No need to ask for voided checks. Fast Lane connects you instantly to their bank accounts for account verification, identity of account owners, and reveals their account/routing numbers. Further, stay in the fast lane by accessing a summary of their balances and transactions. 

Reduce fraud, ensure the identity of the bank account matches your prospect.  


Instant Notifications

Get alerted as soon as you get a prospect, when they get approved or if they are sent for manual review. Track your prospect through the entire process with our built-in pipelines so no one misses a beat. Sync with Salesforce for larger teams. 

Improve efficiency, get sales and underwriting in sync.

Decipher was built by factors to help sales and underwriting work in sync and eliminate bottlenecks.

Take on more deals and close them faster.

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