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Increase sales, speed up underwriting, and improve efficiency using Decipher to drive revenue and delight borrowers.

The Right Technology

In today’s competitive landscape, the right technology can add speed, efficiency, and profitability to the entire lending process, enabling traditional lenders to compete better and to meet the changing needs of customers and team members. Decipher streamlines all steps in the loan origination, underwriting, monitoring, and closing process so your team can focus on cultivating relationships with customers and on growing your portfolio. 

Our clients are experiencing important gains in efficiency, speed, loan originations, and customer satisfaction.


Our Solutions

Decipher Origination

Decipher’s white label all-digital loan origination system is designed to streamline the entire loan application and approval process. Our solution keeps borrowers engaged and informed as they apply for funding, upload documentation and connect their accounts through a digital portal that can be accessed anytime on any device. Manage the flow of deals between all your teams, including sales, brokers, underwriting, syndications, and operations all in one place. 
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Decipher Underwriting

Decipher’s underwriting engine automates every step of the process, including business owner and company analytics, automatic credit and background reports, collateral search and file, financial spreading, tax monitoring, and more to improve lending decisions. Our solution is highly configurable, with each lender’s unique risk criteria and loan policies to reduce manual work and speed up approval time. Any part or all of the loan decisioning process can be streamlined. 
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Decipher Monitoring

Decipher’s sophisticated monitoring tools allow lenders to directly connect to bank accounts and accounting systems from the point of origination and stay connected for improved tracking and monitoring. Automatic alerts can be set to warn the oversight team of irregular transactions and movements to avoid issues. Our business analytics module also allows lenders to build self-service reports and dashboards and share them with team members across the organization.
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Decipher Documents

Decipher’s document management system automatically adds information and data into document templates including agreements, proposals, tax forms, credit memos, internal summaries, and more. Documents can be sent for multiple or single Electronic signature with our built-in signature system. Documents can be configured to a lender’s specifications for internal and external approval and can be stored within each borrower’s file as a central repository. 
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Decipher Workflows

Decipher improves coordination and communication among teams across your entire organization with automatic internal email notifications at any stage along the pipeline and many levels of visibility and permissions. Decipher tracks all missing items in an application as well as all incoming and outgoing emails so everyone is on the same page. Lenders can also set up email templates for easy follow up, tracking, coordination, and automatic response. 
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Decipher Decisioning

Decipher’s Decisioning automates analysis using customer, business and third-party data to facilitate real-time decisions. The solution can be used to automatically approve prospects and do credit reviews on current customers and is configured for a lender’s loan policies and risk thresholds. Decisioning replaces manual credit reviews, which can often take days, with real-time credit decisions. Through Decisioning, borrowers get quicker access to capital. 
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Why Choose Us?

Decipher was designed by asset-based lending experts. We’ve been lenders ourselves, so we know the challenges you face first-hand and combine our industry expertise with the latest technology innovations to revolutionize lending. Our highly configurable and robust cloud-based platform automates and streamlines the entire lending process from start to funding. 

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