Decipher Workflows

Improve coordination and communication among teams across your entire organization.

Streamline workflow among all bank and lender teams with Decipher

BOOST productivity

Valuable tools for internal coordination so team members are in sync and tasks are completed sooner.

collaborate remotely

Improve coordination among teams working in an increasingly more remote environment with all tools in the cloud.

increase transparency

Automatically assign members of multiple teams simultaneously to clients for more transparency and ease.

facilitate teamwork

Enable all of your stakeholders to view information in Decipher to facilitate teamwork and close more deals.


Improve collaboration among all lender teams and advisors from start to funding.


Decipher Workflow tools include automatic internal email notifications at multiple stages along the loan origination, underwriting, closing, and monitoring process. Members of multiple teams can be assigned simultaneously to deals for better collaboration. Internal email templates and alerts can be set up to improve internal communication. 


Manage all business relationships relating to your borrowers all in one place. Add clients, contacts, vendors, customers, partners, brokers, advisors, syndicates, and more. Run on-demand business credit reports anytime. Customize your own unique lender workflow within Decipher. 


All users can be managed directly from Decipher. Sophisticated account settings also allow many levels of permissions so all team members have the right level of visibility and approval rights. Manage all users right from your Decipher dashboard.

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Enable partners, advisors, brokers, auditors and other collaborators to view a deal or several deals permanently or time-based, and easily manage their level of visibility and access directly from Decipher. Configure specialized portals and dashboards for different types of collaborators. Keep internal or sensitive information private.