Cloud-Based Risk Management System

Scalable, flexible risk management software for automated risk assessment and credit origination.
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Cloud-Based Risk Management System

Decipher risk management software offers a range of tools to ensure long-term, cloud-based success. The software solution streamlines the process of risk management and enables credit risk analysis. Plus, the software solution automates the lending process and powers continuous risk monitoring.

The automated software includes features like flexible framework and financial statements. Using the flexible framework, users can perform various functions, such as rating and scoring. Also, the lending risk management software supports in-depth risk assessment, which makes it easy to implement complex lending strategies and maintain workflow during origination and monitoring.

Our Risk Management Solutions


Comprehensive and Modular

Decipher risk management software solution supports and helps manage all operations related to credit risk management. Reporting, statement analysis, stress testing, rating; Various operations can be performed on one cloud-based platform.


Decipher risk management software solution enables the implementation of all kinds of and any number of internal rating models to analyze risk-sensitive pricing.

Customizable and Flexible

Risk management software by Decipher is a flexible and adaptable solution that can be customized to suit user requirements. Designed by experienced professionals from the industry, the platform is powered by graphical administration features to meet modern business needs.


Equipped with loan origination services and a built-in engine, Decipher risk management software solution allows the functioning of simulations. Users can simulate changes to models before launching them.

Discoverable and Auditable

The risk management solution offers tools to ensure auditability during the operation’s execution. Its traceability can be beneficial during risk ratings and financial spreading.

Automated Decisions

The AI-powered risk management system offers automation as a prime feature to make informed decisions. The cloud-based solution automates and streamlines the entire process to eliminate errors. 

Our Risk Management Solutions

Designed and developed by experienced professionals, the Decipher risk management software solution automates and streamlines the entire process. Our team includes lenders and people from the industry who understand the challenges that come with credit risk management. In the form of risk management software, we provide you a reliable, flexible, and scalable platform that makes the entire process risk-free, and error-free.

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