Decipher Monitoring & BI

Enable more sophisticated monitoring, reporting, and intelligence tools to gain a competitive edge.

Decipher loan monitoring and Business Intelligence for commercial lenders

gain valuable insights

Gain valuable data insights via powerful dashboards to gain a high-level view across all departments.

monitor transactions

Stay connected to borrower bank accounts and accounting systems to reduce risk and chances of fraud.

easier reporting

Remove the need to generate separate reporting from different business units and simplify reporting.

compete better

Visualize important data to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive profitability in a very competitive industry.


Data-driven insights to improve operations, reduce reporting burdens, and increase compliance. 

Bank Final

Decipher’s Monitoring solutions allow lenders to go a step further and remain connected to client bank accounts for monitoring, email alerts, and continued compliance. Connect bank accounts from the point of origination and stay connected. 

Financ Monitor Final

Decipher’s Monitoring solutions allow lenders to go a step further and remain connected to client accounting systems to monitor their financial health. Connect accounting systems at the point of origination and stay connected to keep track of their financials.   

Dashboards Final

Decipher Business Analytics facilitates configuring charts, graphs, and other insights for your dashboard and to share with team members across your organization. Configure specialized insights for customers to share valuable data and strengthen relationships. 

Biz Intelligence Final

Automatically spread financials from connected accounting systems or via upload. Generate powerful ratios and normalize financials so you can quickly assess the financial health of borrowers and prospects and more easily compare deals across your entire portfolio. 

Auto Reporting Final

Program portfolio, banking, financials, and other intelligence reporting to reach your inbox weekly or at any interval. Decipher Business Analytics enables faster reporting, analysis, and planning so lenders can make better business decisions, improve operational efficiency, drive revenue, and increase their competitive advantage.