Decipher Documents Microsoft Add-In: Privacy Policy

Decipher Credit Solutions is a strong proponent of privacy on the Internet and promotes best industry practices. The Decipher Documents Add-in does not retain any user data. We want you to know that Decipher Documents Add-in only provides tools with a list of all available fields from the Decipher Credit system which allows you to easily insert field Placeholders in your Word documents. All work is done locally on your computer with no sensitive data ever being sent to our server. Your information is kept private because the add-in only uses code that allows you to insert placeholders to your own documents, locally on your own computer, and does not send any user or document information back to our server.

Decipher Documents Add-in is part of the Decipher Credit family of products and only works with Microsoft Word and the field Placeholders can only be used with Decipher Credit software. Decipher Documents Add-in is offered under the Office Store’s standard End User License Agreement (EULA), which disclaims all warranties and excludes or limits remedies and damages to the maximum extent permitted by law, and specifies that you bear all risk of using these add-ins.  You should only use this add-in if you are comfortable with the privacy implications explained in our Decipher Documents Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at the address, phone, fax, or email below, or you can use our Contact Page.

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