Our Features

View all Decipher platform features that drive efficiency and profitability while elevating the customer experience. 


Highly configurable white-label digital applications for any number of financial products. Access from any device anytime and capture information in real time. 


Prospects can securely upload files of any type in connection with their applications and all data is kept in their digital file for easy access and processing.


Connect to borrower Accounting systems directly at the point of loan origination or anytime and extract read-only data to make better credit decisions.

Bank and Money

Connect to borrower Bank Accounts through our direct connection to 9,600 banks at the point of origination or anytime and extract read-only data to make better credit decisions.


Improve communication by automating status updates, requests for additional information, and other news to keep borrowers engaged throughout the lending process.


Share status updates, important information, next steps, and insights to elevate the borrower experience and increase customer satisfaction via their own personalized dashboard. 

Pros and Cons

Automatic tracking of missing required items on applications. Missing items are clearly displayed for easy follow up by your teams with automated or push email notifications. Reduce manual review, back and forth, and searches for missing items.


Manage multiple pipelines independently or that flow together so all teams across your organization are viewing their respective deal information. Ensure team members are all on the same page and increase coordination and efficiency. 

Link Symbol

Allows brokers, sales teams, BDOs, and other partners to generate personal links to applications. As soon as an application is started via the personalized link, the deal is automatically tagged to that individual. Application information is live and visible instantly. Deal owners can view all deals or be restricted to only their deals.


Decipher’s cloud platform rests on the most advanced and secure infrastructure available today in order to safeguard customer information that is viewed, stored, and shared by commercial lenders. 


Decipher uses unique lender risk criteria and automatically applies it to each deal to reduce manual work, reveal red flags, and speed up approval time. Each loan product can have its own separate underwriting criteria and risk thresholds, configured individually in Decipher. Any part of the loan decisioning process can be streamlined.


Automatically generate business and personal credit reports, and background search results, such as people search, criminal search, bankruptcies, liens, and judgments from trusted data bureaus. All information is at your underwriting team’s fingertips to reduce manual work and underwriting time.


Extract customer lists and invoices from borrower accounting systems and automatically generate AR and AP summaries or upload a list of invoices and customers for instant aging reports and analysis. Automatic DSO, DPO, Customer Concentration, Ineligibles (cross-aged & contra accounts), customer scoring and other metrics.


Automatically spread financials from connected accounting systems or via upload. Generate powerful ratios and normalize financials so you can quickly assess the financial health of borrowers and prospects and more easily compare deals across your entire portfolio. 


Decipher’s direct connection to 9,600 banks allows borrowers to connect multiple bank accounts read-only. Lenders automatically get a snapshot of cash flow and individual transactions. Bank account owner identity information is also revealed to ensure it corresponds to the borrower.  Lenders obtain real-time data and greater visibility. 


Decipher uses AI driven optical character recognition technology to facilitate uploading of invoices, customer lists, balance sheets and profit and loss statements for instant processing and spreading.


Instantly file 8821 tax forms and get important insights into unpaid federal taxes and tax liens. Reduce time-consuming manual search for information on taxes.

Red Flag

Based on each lender’s risk criteria and thresholds, Decipher automatically displays Red Flags, and other alerts to quickly shed light on detrimental areas in a prospect’s application, financial health, banking transaction outliers to reduce risk and help lenders quickly identify issues.


Decipher uses a combination of mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence to automatically run your underwriting checklist so that the same criteria is applied for each deal and underwriters can quickly spot areas of concern and reduce risk and chances of manual errors. 


Decipher’s Monitoring solutions allow lenders to go a step further and remain connected to client bank accounts for monitoring, email alerts, and continued compliance. Connect bank accounts from the point of origination and stay connected. 

Data Analysis

Decipher’s Monitoring solutions allow lenders to go a step further and remain connected to client accounting systems to monitor their financial health. Connect accounting systems at the point of origination and stay connected to keep track of their financials.   


Decipher Business Analytics facilitates configuring charts, graphs, and other insights for your dashboard and to share with team members across your organization. Configure specialized insights for customers to share valuable data and strengthen relationships. 


Automatically spread financials from connected accounting systems or via upload. Generate powerful ratios and normalize financials so you can quickly assess the financial health of borrowers and prospects and more easily compare deals across your entire portfolio. 


Program portfolio, banking, financials, and other intelligence reporting to reach your inbox weekly or at any interval. Decipher Business Analytics enables faster reporting, analysis, and planning so lenders can make better business decisions, improve operational efficiency, drive revenue, and increase their competitive advantage.


Decipher Documents features an intuitive Microsoft Word Add-In to adds special fields to document templates. This feature facilitates automatic pre-filling of document templates with prospect information, internal information, underwriter notes, operations information, and more. Eliminate repetitive manual typing so your team can focus on revenue-building activities. 

Digital Signature

Go Paperless with Decipher’s built-in E-signature solution. Track all documents sent from Decipher. Send to single or multiple electronic signature recipients and benefit from intelligent routing to allow lenders to select multiple recipients all in one step even if receiving separate documents. Receive alerts as soon as documents are signed and execute them directly within Decipher. 


Decipher Documents allows embedding of document templates directly into digital applications and customer portals to facilitate quick close. Documents automatically pre-fill borrower information to reduce manual work so your team can get back to prospects in minutes not days.  Documents are tracked directly within each deal or loan package. 

Automatically generate your Credit Memo and Client Summary, consolidating data from loan fields, collateral, and internal Decipher sections and pre-filling the information directly into your credit memo template. Reduce the time it takes to communicate the details of commercial loan analysis and speed up lending decisions. 


Store all document templates in Decipher’s Document Manager for use by all of your teams. Store them in groups for one-click sending to automate sales, onboarding, closings, and more. Store all documents in connection with applications categorized by content within Decipher so all your documents are in one place. 


Decipher Workflow tools include automatic internal email notifications at multiple stages along the loan origination, underwriting, closing, and monitoring process. Members of multiple teams can be assigned simultaneously to deals for better collaboration. Internal email templates and alerts can be set up to improve internal communication. 


Manage all business relationships relating to your borrowers all in one place. Add clients, contacts, vendors, customers, partners, brokers, advisors, syndicates, and more. Run on-demand business credit reports anytime. Customize your own unique lender workflow within Decipher.


All users can be managed directly from Decipher. Sophisticated account settings also allow many levels of permissions so all team members have the right level of visibility and approval rights. Partners and advisors can be assigned read-only rights to a deal or multiple deals. 

business-and-finance (2)

Enable partners, advisors, brokers, auditors and other collaborators to view a deal or several deals permanently or time-based, and easily manage their level of visibility and access directly from Decipher. Configure specialized portals and dashboards for different types of collaborators. Keep internal or sensitive information private.


Decipher open APIs and Webhooks enable lenders to connect multiple core systems, CRMs, operations systems, loan servicing, payments, and a multitude of other services. Decipher can seamlessly connect with legacy systems to create a complete, end-to-end solution for lenders.

Click and Drag

Decipher’s click and drag configuration allows for simple application template building, facilitating ease of creating multiple credit applications for different financial products. Expand your capabilities even further by using Decipher’s no-code development environment to create custom apps to fit your needs with greater flexibility and control.