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Decipher Integrates with First Corporate Solutions

Decipher Credit, the leading automation platform for specialty commercial lenders, announced today its new integration partnership with First Corporate Solutions, Inc. to help its users accelerate the capture and onboarding of new clients and perform due diligence instantly. Shared users will be able to perform UCC search and filing automatically directly from the Decipher origination and underwriting platform and benefit from trusted First Corporate Solutions services.

“We are pleased to partner with Decipher Credit to offer a turn-key solution for commercial lenders that are looking to streamline their lending approval workflow and close deals faster,” said Samuel Hon, CEO of First Corporate Solutions. “Decipher Credit is highly experienced and trusted within the factoring community and their on-the-go portal automates the processing of loan applications to mere seconds. We share a desire to build cutting-edge solutions that optimally serve the specialty lenders we have both worked with for numerous years.”

“We are excited to partner with First Corporate Solutions,” said Raul Velarde, CEO of Decipher Credit. “It’s clear that our customers are looking for increased automation and to be able to accelerate UCC search and filing enables them to approve prospects faster and win more clients in a very competitive lending environment. First Corporate Solutions is also a leader in the factoring, asset-based lending, and commercial lending industry and we share many commonalities, including partnering with our clients to help them increase lending efficiencies and make better lending decisions.”

“The need for integration of existing environments with a platform like Decipher is increasing so that lenders can cut down on manual tasks and quickly onboard new clients. The shared expertise in specialty lending and commitment to technology also make our partnership a clear win for both companies and their clients,” Mr. Velarde added.

About Decipher Credit

Decipher Credit is a financial technology company that empowers traditional lenders to offer the latest digital tools to streamline origination, accelerate underwriting and approval, and win more clients. The Decipher cloud-based platform gives commercial lenders access to sophisticated loan origination and risk management technology, with an easy and secure application portal, underwriting automation, risk scoring, and auto approval as well as document management with digital signature. A preferred vendor of the International Factoring Association, Decipher also provides credit and background reports, bank account data verification and monitoring as well as connections to accounting systems for instant financial spreading and accounts receivable and payables analysis. Its newest product, Fast Lane Freight, helps transportation factors automate every step of the origination and approval process, including UCC search and file and allows them to take on new carriers in seconds. For more information or to schedule a software demo, visit For more information on the Decipher Fast Lane Freight product, visit

About First Corporate Solutions
First Corporate Solutions is a leader in global UCC and corporate risk management with 30 years of experience in the industry. FCS is committed to building robust solutions that streamline business transactions through the intuitive FICOSO Online platform and flexible API options. FCS delivers public records search, retrieval, filing, monitoring and portfolio management solutions with a commitment to accuracy and personalized customer service unmatched in the industry. As a preferred vendor of the International Factoring Association for the past 14 years, FCS has established itself as a trusted partner of legal and financial professionals to rely upon when perfecting and maintaining their security interests. For additional information, please visit

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